A Guide To Straighten Curly Hair

Advancements in hair styling are going on all the time – even as we speak. We can be thankful for these promotions, that have led us to having more options when we feel like it and creating new looks as and when styling our hair.

For curly haired girls, it is fairly often true that we long to have straight hair – maybe only for one night – a special occasion or merely in the name of experimentation. There is one ground-breaking tool that can transform even the most boisterous of hair to poker glossy and glistening in no time at all – the straightening iron.

The straightening iron has enjoyed a reasonable bit of development over the years – becoming more powerful and less harmful on the hair itself. However, I wouldn’t advise using them on a daily basis as they can dry out the hair and even cause hair loss in extraordinary cases. It is better to use a hair straightening brush.

1. To begin with, clean your hair with shampoo as you normally would and condition. If you don’t already use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, then I would advocate it as being the greatest option in fighting frizz and taking the best care of curled hair.

2. Dry the hair using a towel by gently blotting it – just enough until the dripping stops. After all the surplus water is outside, make use of a broad-toothed comb through the hair being gentle not to pull or snag.

3. Now would be the very best time to apply cream or some protective spray to the full length of the hair. There are products which are made especially with straightening brushes in mind – browse the neighborhood beauty store or the web for suitable products.

4. For the very best effect, you must divide the hair into three sections. Use the best brush for straightening curly hair than you can afford. From the very top of above and your ears, collect the hair and pin it out of the way. Afterward, half the hair that pin the upper half to the side and once again is remaining.

5. Beginning with the underneath section, dry the hair using a hairdryer and diffuser accessory. Until it’s fully dry, take a few inches of hair at a time. Continue this same action with the top as well as the middle section.

6. Once the hair is dry, you must separate it more as you did in step 4. In precisely the same order, glide the iron over one-inch segments of hair from the root down to the point. Continue with the middle section and finally the top layer once you are done with the middle.

7. How can it appear? Quite a transformation no doubt. For extra shine you may now employ a small amount of serum or polish – working it in the palm of your hands first before stroking through the hair.

And that is all it takes these days to turn curly into straight. Make sure to pick up a hair straightening brush.